Brief: Develop a brand identity for a premium streetwear app that provides streetwear fashion enthusiasts access to the latest fashion without having to queue.

Solution: This brand identity is derived from concept of the illuminati and secret societies. Secret societies are seen as the holders and owners of information that the common man doesn’t have access to. This makes them the illuminated/enlightened ones as they hold knowledge and secrets of the world.

The brand identity pushes this ideology by “indoctrinating” consumers of the app into a secret society of chosen ones who can buy and access the latest in couture street fashion, while the rest stand in queues and fight over stock. The name is derived from Adam Weishaupt (Vice-haupt) who is known as the founder of the illuminati.

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Brief: Develop a typeface that’s influenced by a theme, culture or a period in time.

Solution: Black Atlas is a classic serif typeface with a modern twist. It was inspired by the unique cultural fusion between Nubian art & contemporary boutique fashion. Black Atlas serves as a visually empowering love letter to avante-garde African & Afro-American culture.

Black Atlas typeface.jpg
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Brief: Develop, design and typeset an annual report for an organisation interested in a non-conventional and new-age design approach to their performance report. The result was a professionally crafted annual report that embodies a connected and modern aesthetics for the organisation.

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Brief: Develop a brand identity for an alcoholic beverage aimed at body builders and gym enthusiasts.

Solution: Tesai (derived from "Tsai", the Greek word for tea) is a specialty premium gin made from the highest grade of botanicals historically known to be high in antioxidants and aid in health restoration and body cleansing.

This identity was heavily inspired by ancient Greek & Roman statues and the artists’ perception of the perfect human body. It takes inspiration from classic Greek and Roman statues that capture essence of the human form in its natural, powerful and even extreme states, hence showcasing the greatness that is the human body. 

Design Collateral: Brand identity, package design

Timeframe: 2 days (Student Brief)

Tesai 1.jpg
Tesai 3.jpg
Tesai 2.jpg
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Rock Poster 1.jpg
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Bus Stop Billboard MockUp 2.jpg
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Brief: Develop an e-commerce app aimed at avid record collectors, with the goal of fostering a strong sense of community.

Solution: SPIN is eBay for the real music lovers. The app is a platform where users can share, discuss and trade their favourite records by their favourite artists. The platform showcases the latest news in music based off of the user's set musical preferences, as well as allows users to search for genre specific products and news.

Design Collateral: UX & UI design, Brand Identity, Iconography

Timeframe: 2 days (Student Brief)

SPIN wireframe.jpg
iPhone 7 Copy 2.jpg

Brief: Develop a brand identity for a media/broadcasting company that’s focused on bringing innovative, diverse and non-comformist media to a progressive and well-informed audience.


Solution: SHIFT is aimed at shaking up, redirecting & ultimately “shifting” the perspective of viewers towards media content that true impacts the world we live in. 

Mainstream media is for the masses as it offers content that isn't always designed to inform and educate. SHIFT aims to disrupt the airwaves by tapping into ground-breaking stories that change the way we think about politics, culture, crime, fashion and art from all corners of the globe, including ones you barely knew existed.

Design Collateral: Brand identity, UI/UX design, Web design, TV interface design, Poster design, 

Timeframe: 3 days (Student Brief)

SHIFTUrban Posters2.jpg

Brief: Design the identity for a campaign event aimed at changing the public perception of an organisation currently experiencing an image problem.

Solution: The Tinder Bloc Party is an event aimed at restoring the human dating experience. App users enter the running to win tickets to one of 3 secret events, each with unique stage performances at 3 secret locations. The events create a natural environment for people to meet organically, by creating and sharing a unique experience.

Design Collateral: Web UI design, Brand identity, Illustration, Poster & ticket design

Timeframe: 2 days (Student Brief)

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