I'm a creative thinker with a strong passion for branding and all things graphic design. My strengths are in idea generation and concept development, and enjoy tackling new and unique creative briefs. I'm currently honing my craft through various freelance projects in Melbourne, Australia. I am a graduate of commerce (with a major in human resource management) at the Deakin University and furthered my graphic design skills at Shillington College in Melbourne. You can find a copy of my CV here. 

I'm inspired by bold and daring design, and find myself drawn to minimalist and modernist design. I value and strive to create design that is functional and insightful; that rejects fad and fashion in favour of timelessness; and that considers the needs of the user above all else. Alongside my love for design, I'm a music producer, photography enthusiast, creative thinker & and avid traveller.